Flouting mask policies in Mesa County rampant as Covid-19 cases spike

Parents with multiple children in tow at a local City Market, all defying best practices including the mask-wearing rule, and also violating remendations to have just one person do the family’s grocery shopping to minimize potential exposure to the deadly Coronavirus.

As America reaches 111,375 deaths from Covid-19, more than any other country on Earth, stores in Mesa County are posting signs at their entrances variously begging, threatening and warning patrons not to enter without a face mask. The mask-wearing policies are aimed at protecting the munity from another shutdown by preventing the spread of Covid-19, the highly municable, deadly novel coronavirus that has no known prevention, treatment or cure. The policies are also meant to protect grocery workers who are putting their lives on the line and endangering their own families every day to fulfill our munity’s need for groceries and services. At least 68 grocery store workers across the country have died so far from Coronavirus, and that statistic was last updated on May 21.

City Market is requesting that all patrons don facial coverings before entering the store. Few patrons are plying, however increasing the risk of munity spread of Coronavirus. No one is enforcing the rule.


Mask-less shoppers oblivious to the danger they present to others act as if everything is normal in the grocery store.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has a huge sign at the entrance saying “MASKS ARE REQUIRED.” People are ignoring it. No one is enforcing it.

What’s a hundred thousand-plus Americans dead? Not a big deal to many Mesa County citizens.

Amid a pandemic that has taken a number of lives equivalent to thirty seven 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Mesa County residents are increasingly acting as if the pandemic doesn’t exist and are ignoring public health mandates to mask up in establishments, endangering workers, other patrons and the entire munity.

And no one is stepping up to enforce mask rules.

A call to City Market 24 Road revealed it is not enforcing its mask rule, and the same goes for Safeway. Bed, Bath and Beyond — re-opened now after months of being shut down because of the virus — also has what appears from the outside to be a strict mask policy, but people are ignoring that, too, and BBB is failing pletely to enforce it.

Cases up in Mesa County

All this is happening amid a spike in Covid-19 cases in Mesa County.

The Mesa County Health Department (MCHD) now reports 62 diagnosed Covid-19 cases in the county, up from 55 on June 2 — an increase of 7 cases in just one week. But that number may be misleading since testing for Covid-19 here has been inadequate to get an accurate picture of where cases really are in the county. MCHD has tested just 3,176 people out of a population of 151,406, or just 2% of our area’s total population. This means the virus could be anywhere, and we’ll have no idea.

On April 8, 2020, the MCHD reported our county was in a state of munity spread, meaning the MCHD has no idea where cases in our area are ing from and is unable to trace and isolate them to control them.

This guy not only didn’t wear a mask, but brought his puppy into City Market. There is no enforcement of public health rules at City Market.

What could help this situation?

Stronger and more consistent messaging and some leadership could make this situation better, but under our current longstanding political regime, we currently lack both of those. Thus confusion reigns in our area about the best practices and behaviors necessary to control spread of the virus and prevent another harsh lockdown.

The lack of cooperation with best practices remended by epidemiologists means our situation isn’t likely to get better any time soon. Local leaders and stores paying lip service to important public health remendations fails to serve anyone, and endangers our entire munity.


Gov. Polis issues order allowing businesses to deny service to people without masks

Home Style Bakery is taking advantage of the Governor’s executive order and banning people from their store who are not wearing masks to protect against the spread of the deadly Corona virus.

On June 4, Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order allowing Colorado businesses to deny service to anyone not wearing a face mask to protect against transmission of Corona virus. The order is aimed at reducing the unchecked spread of the deadly virus, which has no prevention, no known treatment and no known cure.

The order gives

…”discretion to employers and operators of places of public acmodation, and those authorized on their behalf, to deny admittance or service and require the removal of any individual who fails to wear a medical or non-medical face covering.”

The state has been struggling to re-open its economy while keeping the? virus in check. If the number of cases in the state increases, it could force the state into another “lockdown,” or forced closure of businesses like we experienced for the first month of the pandemic.

Petition wording approved in recall of Mesa County Clerk; campaign moves to signature-gathering phase

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters (R) is facing a recall election due to gross inpetence and failure to carry out her duties. (Photo: YouTube)

Eagle County Treasurer Teak Simonton has approved the wording of the petition submitted by the RecallClerkTina campaign to recall Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters (R), allowing the recall effort to move to the signature-gathering phase.

The Mesa County missioners approved Simonton to serve as the designated election official to oversee the recall effort, since by law Peters can’t oversee her own recall effort.

Mesa County Republican Party removes Facebook post suggesting George Floyd’s death was a hoax

Screen shot provided by the Colorado Times Recorder of the post deleted from the Mesa County GOP’s Facebook page

The Colorado Times Recorder reported June 3 that the Mesa County Republican Party removed a post from its official Facebook page that suggested George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis Police on May 25, 2020 was faked.

The post contained a list of questions about the incident meant to imply it was staged, including:

“Why does one photo from behind show the man on the road is not handcuffed and the video from the front that he is handcuffed?”

“Why does the video show the diesel fuel price as 99 cents instead of the regular price in the area of $2.49?”

“Why does the police car have a non-municipal license plate with “Police” on it?”

(NOTE: The police car has a license plate that says “Police” because many Minneapolis Police cars have license plates on them that say “Police.”)

When asked why he removed the post from the page, Kevin McCarney, Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party, told the Times Recorder, “It’s not the position of the Party.”

AnneLandmanBlog Voter Guide for the June 30, 2020 Primary Election

Wondering how to vote in the uping primary election on Tuesday, June 30, 2020?

Following are AnneLandmanBlog’s remendations for how to vote on the Mesa County Democratic Primary Ballot. Wherever candidates are running unopposed, VOTE FOR THEM. They are Democrats.

Given the difficult mess our country is in now, especially at the federal level and local levels after years of Republican domination, it’s crucial for the country to change direction by electing Democrats to every office from top to bottom this year.

Here are the remendations:

Tina Peters upset about recall effort (*sob!*)

In new documentary, “Jane Roe” of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision reveals she was paid to switch sides in the abortion debate

In a new documentary released Friday, May 22, Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe V. Wade, reveals that she was paid by anti-abortion factions to switch her position from supporting to opposing abortion rights for women.

Rep. Matt Soper lies to Delta citizens, and Delta applauds

Colorado House Rep. Matt Soper (R) spoke Saturday afternoon, May 16, at a Republican rally in downtown Delta held to protest the state’s public health stay-at-home orders aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, the deadly disease caused by the novel Coronavirus for which there is no prevention, no treatment and no cure. The sky was sunny and people stood around 5th and Palmer by the Wells Fargo bank holding “Don’t tread on me” flags and cheering.

As of this writing, Covid-19 has killed 96,082 Americans — equal to thirty two September 11 attacks. But the rally wasn’t held to mourn the tragedy of these deaths.

It was an occasion for Republicans candidates to fling red meat to constituents.

Trumpers erect massive, likely illegal, sign display along I-70 at go cart track

Trump supporters have laboriously erected a huge and impressive pro-Trump signage display along I-70 on the property of the go-cart track.

Problem is, it appears to be illegal.

The display consists of forty one 4 ft. x 8 ft. signs totaling 1,312 square feet of signage.

The go-cart parcel is zoned “AFT” (Agricultural/Forestry Transition), and is non-residential.